Social Media Services for Accountants and Finance Professionals

Our agency creates social media campaigns for accountants and professionals in the financial services sector. More than getting likes and comments, we make sure your posts generate leads and engage your target audience.

How Social Media
Marketing Works

Accounting firms and financial institutions are always crunching their numbers and looking after client relationships. There’s barely enough time to engage with potential and existing clients on social media. Developing a strong online following tends to end up on the back burner.

But social media is now integral in online marketing. It helps you establish brand presence across the platforms your clients most often spend their time on. And you need a team that can effectively deliver the strategy, branding, and messaging for the professional services industry. You need someone knowledgeable in both social media and finance.

ScalingYou offers social media marketing for accountants and financial firms. Our team studies your brand and conducts market research to determine the best way to engage with the right clients online. We consider the platforms they use and what type of content they share. Then, we apply these findings for your campaign.

Focus on your clients while we work on spreading the word about your business. Invest in social media marketing for accounting and financial services.

Why Social Media Matters for Financial Firms

Social media marketing lets accountants and professionals in financial services do the following:

Form New Business Relationships

Social media isn’t only for catching up or sharing news with existing clients. It’s also an effective way to meet potential clients. Positive social media exposure also opens the doors to business opportunities.

Delineate the Industry

Many new clients lack the knowledge necessary to determine what type of accounting or financial services they need. Informative social media posts turn that around and boost your credibility.

Maintain Online Visibility

What’s the point of a well-optimized website if there aren’t other online marketing tools that lead to it? A consistent social media presence keeps you top-of-mind for prospective and existing clients.

How Financial Firms Benefit from Social Media Management

Social media managers and marketers who specialize in accounting and financial firms contribute to:

Better Brand Recognition

Through regular social media posts, prospective clients will discover your firm. They’ll recognize the need for your services.

More Engaged Client Services

By responding to your clients’ concerns and questions on social media, you let them know that your firm has responsive customer service.

Increased Website Traffic

Our social media marketers create shareable posts with links to your website. The links boost website traffic and bring visitors a step closer to conversion.

Why Work with ScalingYou

ScalingYou provides social media campaigns for businesses that manage money, from accountants to financial advisors. Our team is led by a CPA passers and CFA Level 1 passers. We speak your language and understand what your clients need to hear. In addition to social media for financial services, we offer comprehensive digital marketing strategies including SEO, content marketing, and other relevant services.

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