Social Media Services For Accountants

Our agency creates social media campaigns not just to get your business likes and comments. We also do it to generate leads and engage both your potential
and existing clients.

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Accountants, CPA firms, and accounting companies have their hands full crunching the numbers and managing client relationships. With so much work occupying their time, engaging clients on social media and developing a following can end up on the back burner. Times have changed. Today, accounting firms need social media marketing to establish a brand presence and reach out to where clients are spending their time. 

If you’re going to promote and engage your clients using social media, you’ll need someone who can deliver the strategy, branding, and messaging for the professional services industry. You also need a team with expertise in both social media and accounting. Enter ScalingYou. We offer social media marketing for accountants and CPA firms. You can count on our experienced social media team to develop a plan that gets you more referrals and clients.

The Importance of Social Media for Accounting Firms

Social media is vital for your accounting company, as this allows you to:

  • Form Relationships – Social media is an excellent way to meet new individuals, whether it’s respected colleagues or potential clients. Building relationships can boost the likelihood of eventual business opportunities with these individuals and the companies they represent.
  • Delineate Your Niche – Not many understand the broad field of accounting. Many, in fact, lack the knowledge necessary to figure out the kind of certified public accountant they require for their needs. With social media, you can provide insights into your focus area and define your niche effectively. This helps referral sources and prospective clients see you as someone they can count on when they need help.
  • Stay Visible Online – Social media allows you to stay on top of the minds of your prospective clients. A strong social media presence lets your followers see your brand, posts, and ideas regularly.

Benefits of Social Media Management for Accountants

You can enjoy the following benefits with our social media management and marketing services:

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition – We publish social media content regularly to get your prospective clients interested in your accounting firm, help them find out more about your services, and expose your brand to your intended audience.
  • Improved Client Service – Many people go to social media to air out their concerns, rant about a firm’s services, and ask questions. You can rely on us to address these concerns promptly to highlight your organization’s responsive customer service skills.
  • Increased Website Traffic – Our team shares links to your website and blog on major social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. These links can contribute to the rise in your site traffic, as the users who see them can visit and learn more about your site.

Why Choose Us over Other Agencies

Apart from providing social media marketing and management, we offer SEOcontent marketing, and other digital marketing services to help grow your business. The difference between our agency and the competitors out there is that we understand both online marketing and accounting. We’re knowledgeable about the financial services industry, which enables us to come up with an effective social media and digital marketing plan that suits your accounting firm.

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