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Long before the advent of the internet, people who need the help of an accounting firm would turn to a phone book to find a business in their community. Those days are long over, as search engine giants like Google churn out millions of relevant search results in just a few seconds. The sheer amount of information provides prospective clients with the opportunity to compare multiple CPA firms in the area, read reviews about the accounting firms listed, and determine the company nearest to their place of work or residence.

If your accounting company or financial firm isn’t top-ranking or visible on search engine results pages (SERPs), you’re missing out on potential clients who might be interested in your services. In fact, if your clients are not aware of your business presence, they might end up with your competitor. The goal of your accounting firm, therefore, should be to increase the visibility of your website and land on page one of SERPs.

The road to the top, however, isn’t easy. Google, for instance, considers more than 200 factors when ranking a webpage.

Instead of figuring out what strategy to use to boost your ranking, let ScalingYou do that. We offer both local and organic SEO for accounting and financial firms that want to beat their online competitors and increase their leads and sales.

Our agency is highly knowledgeable in both digital marketing and accounting. We’re aware of the latest SEO practices for the finance industry that drive the right results. On top of that, we understand how prospective clients navigate CPA websites. Whether you offer tax preparation, financial auditing, or any other accounting-related services, you can count on our team to satisfy your marketing goals and expectations.


You enjoy the following advantages when you let us perform SEO on your finance or accounting firm’s website:

Access to Better Leads

SEO uses targeted keywords to increase your search engine ranking. Your firm won’t have to reach out to cold prospects. The right SEO strategy can provide your accounting company with leads who are ready to sign up for your services.

Magnified Geographical Presence

SEO allows your company to promote your services in locations where it wouldn’t make sense to invest money in traditional advertising. If you
want to obtain clients from outside
your home market, SEO is the right
marketing tool for you.

Increased Competitiveness

Investing in SEO allows your financial firm to gain an edge over other competitors in your area — and an even greater edge for companies that aren’t on the web. Invest in a comprehensive strategy that shines the spotlight on you.

Our Strategy to achieving seo success

Before we perform any SEO on your accounting or financial website, our team gets to learn more about your business. We then take note of your goals, conduct a site audit, perform keyword research, and do other types of SEO assessment. Our agency does all these to come up with a customized plan to grow your traffic, leads, and sales. While we’re hard at work improving your online business presence, we send you periodic progress reports to let you know how your campaigns are faring.


The Scalingyou Difference

Apart from offering local and organic SEO for financial firms, we provide social media, web design and development, and content marketing services to further bolster your marketing efforts. We also offer these services at a price that won’t leave you broke. We want prospective clients to notice your firm online and sign up for your accounting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SEO contribute to lead generation?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of boosting traffic to make a website more visible to search engine users. It generates leads by using the keywords that your target market types on their search engine. This process makes sites easy to categorize, crawl, index, and find. Our SEO specialists have the experience and tools to turn this goal into a reality.

How is SEO related to online marketing?

Digital marketing is a kind of marketing strategy that
primarily uses the web to communicate a product, service,
or brand to a consumer. SEO is just one of the tactics used in
this strategy. When properly implemented, however, this technique can boost a site’s conversion rate, leads, and traffic, and your company’s ROI.

What is on-page SEO?

This term refers to the process of optimizing the pages of the website to gain more relevant traffic and rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). On-page SEO involves tweaking the website’s content structure, content quality, and HTML code. It is different from off-page SEO, where search marketers use practices that take place outside of a website, such as link-building.

How Does SEO differ from PPC?

The traffic generated by SEO is organic, which is free. On the other hand, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising requires you to pay at a cost per click (CPC). But both digital marketing tactics require the use of targeted keywords. These keywords make it easy for your intended audience to find your services as an accountant or financial advisor.

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