Content Marketing for Finance Companies

Content marketing gives your financial firm several benefits at once: it draws the right kind of prospects, guides them toward converting and establishes your credibility in your industry. Ultimately, content marketing lays a solid foundation for a profitable and authoritative financial company.

The Ten-Fold Effects of Content Marketing

Content marketing is still in its infancy, especially among financial companies. But those who have invested in this strategy are enjoying several benefits.

Its main goal is to produce relevant, valuable content that attracts the right kind of audience. The prospect reads the article, which leads to another interesting article, which will ultimately lead to a conversion page.

By the time the prospect reaches a conversion page, they are convinced of your capabilities and ready to sign up for services with your company.

It’s much less disruptive than traditional marketing. Unlike in cold-calling or emailing, the prospects approach you and not the other way around. You don’t have to cast an unnecessarily wide net and waste resources on the wrong kind of prospects.

It makes your site more favorable to search engines. Google prefers high-quality content, and sites that regularly publish fresh, insightful, and unique articles have better chances of ranking. Content marketing supports your SEO initiatives.

It establishes your credibility. Your target audience wants a credible, trustworthy partner. By publishing thought-provoking articles that cover their concerns, you demonstrate that you are the right firm for the job.

It generates traffic. The more authoritative articles, the greater traffic the site generates. Content marketing consistently attracts new prospects and keeps existing clients interested in your brand.

It generates sales. The articles don’t just offer insight; they subtly nudge readers down the sales funnel.

Given these perks, it’s no surprise that 70% of marketers invest in content marketing (and counting). Your competitors are likely to have content marketing strategies, too. Now is the best time to invest in yours.

Content Marketing by ScalingYou

Our content marketing strategy includes:

Web Copy Writing

Your site will have compelling content that speaks the language of your target audience.

Content Calendar

We’ll create a content calendar, which schedules the articles to be launched. This ensures that the strategy goes as planned.

Weekly Blog Content

You’ll publish new, weekly articles that capture the interest of your readers.

Get in touch with us today to learn how you can start.

How it Works

1. Initial Appointment

During the initial strategy call, we’ll walk you through the entire process, the topics we’ll cover, and the metrics for success.

2. Review of Your Firm

To create relevant articles, we’ll review your financial firm and your target market. We’ll study your selling points, strengths, and issues you aim to solve for your clients.

3. Creation of Content Calendar

We’ll draft a content calendar, which includes the articles, the topics they cover, and the date of publishing.

4. Execution and Monitoring

Once we launch the campaign, we’ll monitor the metrics closely. You’ll receive detailed progress reports, so know the health of your campaign.

The ScalingYou Difference

Industry expertise is crucial in content marketing. To truly convince and entertain your readers, the content must relate to their concerns and discuss niche topics that other blogs don’t cover.

ScalingYou has the expertise needed to succeed in financial content marketing. Our founder, Wayne Hsu, has a formidable experience, including four years at KPMG. We have CPA and CFA passers, as well as marketing specialists.

You have the assurance that your content is accurate, insightful, and reviewed by financial experts.


How many articles does a content marketing campaign produce?

It depends on the kind of campaign we agreed upon. We offer tailored solutions to financial companies because their needs differ. If you want to know what works for you, we’d be happy to give you a free strategy session.

What topics will the articles explore?

We base the topics on the needs and issues of your target market because these would attract them in the first place. Different target markets would require different topics, which is why we review them thoroughly before starting the campaign.

Could a campaign go wrong?

Based on our experience, the biggest mistake in content marketing is starting without a coherent strategy. Piecemeal content marketing doesn’t deliver impressive results; it may even waste precious resources.

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