Social Media Services for Financial Firms

Unlock your potential in social media with ScalingYou. Our social media services are crafted specifically for financial services companies. We know how to leverage social media to capture prospects and lead them to your doors.

See the Success by the Numbers

Financial firms are comfortable with traditional marketing methods. But comfort will not drive your company forward. All industries, including the finance sector, recognize the power of social media in generating sales.

Thirty-seven percent of consumers buy on social networks, using them as sources of purchase inspiration. With 81% of small and medium businesses using some type of social media platform, your competitors in financial services are likely to be on at least one.

So the best time to invest in social media services is now.

Your ROI depends on the quality of your social media campaigns. One thing’s for sure, though: strategic social media marketing lays the groundwork for a solid digital presence. And it only gets bigger from there.

A Greater Following

New, relevant posts expand your following and multiply your brand reach.

More Engagements

Strategic posts compel followers into action, whether that’s liking, sharing, or clicking a link to your site.

More Traffic

Social media posts encourage people to visit your site, generating new opportunities for conversion.

Increase in Revenue

You expand your bottom line by promoting new products, promos, and other tactics that turn followers into paying clients.

Financial Social Media Management by ScalingYou

Your financial firm will enjoy:

Quality Posts

Each post demonstrates your expertise and drives action from your followers. Posts are accompanied by crisp photos, sharp text, and relevant links

Compelling Ads

Your social media ads are strategically promoted to a targeted audience. We leverage social analytics to reach ideal prospects.

Comment Monitoring

Comments, favorable or unfavorable, are monitored and responded to by a tactful team. This shows that your company listens to your followers

Post Boosting

Boost posts with a high potential for sharing and conversion.

Find out what other advantages your firm will receive from a social media campaign. Get in touch with our team today.

How it Works

1. Initial Strategy Call

In our initial strategy session, we will uncover what you envision for your social branding and explain the entire process in detail

2. Review of Your Branding

We review the elements of your image, including colors, logos, taglines, and more. We also study your target market and the best way to reach them.

3. Planning

We create a comprehensive plan, which includes a content calendar. This ensures everything is on track.

4. Execute and Monitor

We launch the campaign and monitor metrics closely.

The ScalingYou Difference

We know what works on social. We have tech-savvy marketers who speak the language of the digital public. We know what words drive action, what photos appeal to emotions, and what topics stir discussions.

But we’re also finance professionals. We have a rich experience in the finance sector, so we know the industry inside out. We know the right ways to attract enterprises in need of financial services.


Do You Create Viral Campaigns?

We don’t believe that virality is sustainable growth. Our campaigns aim for consistent growth, not fluctuating numbers. Although it would be nice to go viral, that isn’t our goal.

What are Your Accountancy Credentials?

ScalingYou founder Wayne Hsu counts four years of audit and advisory at KPMG. On top of that, we have one CPA, two managers who have passed the CPA exams, and two managers who have passed level 1 of the CFA.

How Long Does a Campaign Last?

It depends on the services that your financial company needs. Ideally, a social media campaign is an on-going marketing strategy. Our representative can explain this in detail.

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