Content Marketing for Accountants and Professionals in
Financial Services

Effective content marketing is all about engaging with potential and existing clients, educating them about your services, and expanding your brand. Let us take care of your content marketing strategy while you focus on growing your business.

Create a Clear Content Strategy for Your
Financial Firm

Not all accounting firms and financial institutions have a content marketing strategy. For example, some firms publish content only when they have announcements or company events, or when there’s major industry news.

But random blog posts may be a waste of time and effort, which also means lost opportunities. A well-thought-out financial content marketing strategy adds value to your readers, keeps you on their radar, and boosts your clientele. And crafting this strategy requires a team who can speak your industry’s language.

ScalingYou’s content marketers are led by accountants.

We create a clear content strategy designed for the financial professional. We understand how the industry works and what clients look for. We come up with a tailored strategy that matches your brand identity, business goals, target market, and marketing budget.

Our services cover web copywriting, weekly blog content, and other valuable content.

What are Blogs For?

Blog posts are a type of written content that sparks interest among prospective and existing customers. These posts are meant to entertain your target audience with interesting information they find valuable, to educate them about pressing issues they face, and to inform them of how your services address those issues.

Although blogs contribute to better SEO results, content marketers don’t focus solely on getting the approval of search algorithms. Our content marketers differentiate them from landing pages that convince potential customers to book your services. Our accounting and finance blog services are meant to build a solid relationship between you and your audience. By keeping them engaged, we bring them closer to you.

Moreover, if you have a blog page that consistently posts engaging and informative content, more people will feel compelled to revisit your website to check out your new entries.

How Does Blogging Affect Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Frequent blogging is integral to your digital marketing strategy, whether you’re a small accounting firm or a multinational financial investment house.

Consider these effects of blogging on your marketing strategy:

  • You build rapport with and earn the trust of your audience through written content.
  • You generate buzz about your firm because you share relevant and credible information.
  • People will anticipate your new blog posts and bring more traffic to your website.
  • Search engines respond positively to updated content, helping you rank high in search results.

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing for Finance Institutions?

Accountants and professionals in the financial services sector benefit from content marketing in various ways:

Faster Lead Conversion

Targeted content that focuses on the needs of your target audience narrows down the sales funnel. As a result, your firm will have an easier time turning site visitors into paying clients.

Increased Online Following

Shareable content is successful content. People will want to share blog posts if the content fixes their problem or satisfies their concern. The more shares you have, the more followers you gain.

Better Brand Loyalty

In addition to convincing visitors to stay on your website, quality blog posts help you win over people. Credible content converts first-time clients and influences existing clientele to keep supporting you.

Why Choose Our Content Marketing Agency?

Our content marketing agency for financial firms is led by 1 CPA, 2 CPA passers, and 2 CFA Level I passers. From us, you get strategies made by accountants especially for accountants. We speak your language to create quality content that your clients understand.

Our online services extend to other digital marketing solutions including SEO, web design, and social media. We formulate a comprehensive plan to help you get more clients.

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