Content Marketing for Accounting Services

Effective content marketing is all about engaging with potential and existing clients, educating them about your services, and expanding your brand. Let us take care of your content marketing strategy while you focus on growing your business. Our content marketing establishes your status in the accounting industry.


Accountants and professionals in the financial services sector benefit from content marketing in various ways:

Faster Lead Conversion

Targeted content that focuses on the needs of your target audience nudges them down the sales funnel. As a result, your firm will have an easier time turning site visitors into paying clients.

Increased Online Following

Shareable content is successful content. People will want to share blog posts if the content fixes their problem or satisfies their concerns. The more shares you have, the more followers you gain. Content marketing increases the reach of every accounting firm.

Better Brand Loyalty

In addition to convincing visitors to stay on your website, quality blog posts help you win over people. Credible content converts first-time clients and influences existing clientele to keep supporting you.

Better Relationships with Clients

About 78% of customers believe organizations that provide custom content are interested in building good relationships. All the accounting articles prove that you have your clients’ best interests at heart.

Quality is at the heart of our content marketing strategy. The number of words in every article and the number of articles published per week matter. But ultimately, our goal is to provide relevant and valuable information that your audience wants to read.

The more reader-centric the articles are, the more likely they are to stay, read, and convert.

Here’s how we do it:

Content Calendar

Our content marketing services for accountants begin with a content calendar, a schedule of the articles to be published. It keeps your blog well-curated and interesting to your target market. All topics flow smoothly into one another.

Web Copy Writing

The content of the website will capture the audience right from the get-go. The accountants in our firm know the language that will capture and sustain the interest of your readers.

Weekly Blog Content

New posts draw new readers into the site. It generates fresh traffic, which increases opportunities for conversion, as well as supports your SEO initiatives.

Discover What ScalingYou Can Do for You

ScalingYou prides itself on the accountants in our team. We have a rich experience in the financial sector ourselves, and so we know the topics and concerns of your clients. Through quality articles, we will subtly convince them that you are the right accountant for the job.

Find out what ScalingYou can do for your firm.


Not all accounting firms and financial institutions have a content marketing strategy. For example, some firms publish content only when they have announcements or company events, or when there’s major industry news.

But random blog posts may be a waste of time and effort, which also means lost opportunities. A well-thought-out financial content marketing strategy adds value to your readers, keeps you on their radar, and boosts your clientele. And crafting this strategy requires a team who can speak your industry’s language.

ScalingYou’s content marketers are led by accountants and financial experts.

We create a clear content strategy designed for the financial professional. We understand how the industry works and what clients look for. We come up with a tailored strategy that matches your brand identity, business goals, target market, and marketing budget. Our services cover web copywriting, weekly blog content, and other valuable content.

More importantly, we quantify success.

At the beginning of the campaign, we will establish measurable metrics, which will determine if the campaign was effective or not. Some of the figures we look at are traffic, social shares, time on page, and more. Our goal would be to hit these numbers.

All these will be explained in a progress report. You’ll clearly see the ROI that our content marketing has generated for your accounting firm.

Why Choose Our Content Marketing Agency?

Our content marketing agency for financial firms is led by 1 CPA, 2 CPA passers, and 2 CFA Level I passers. From us, you get strategies made by accountants especially for accountants. We speak your language to create quality content that your clients understand.

Working with our team is also easy.

We’re a Full-Service Company

Our online services extend to other digital marketing solutions including SEO, web design, and social media. We formulate a comprehensive plan to help you get more clients. All of your digital marketing needs, in one place.

Clear Process Flow

Although we create tailored solutions, we follow a streamlined process of planning, executing, and monitoring. Our methodologies reduce delays and issues.

Excellent Customer Support

We understand that content marketing is still a novel strategy among accountants (which is why you should get a headstart). If you need clarifications, our team is one message away.

For inquiries, send us an email at today or schedule a free strategy session.

Content Marketing for Accountants

Content marketing was borne out of accountants’ need to capture the right kind of prospects.

Conventional marketing involves the accountant reaching out to prospects through advertising, cold-calling, and other similar methods. These approaches could generate sales, but they waste a lot of resources.

Content marketing offers accounting firms an advantage: it draws the right kind of prospects from the beginning.

You publish articles that concern the people you want to target. You offer valuable and relevant information. Slowly, you nudge readers down the sales funnel.

Not only will you generate sales, but you will also earn the trust of your soon-to-be clients.

What are Blogs For?

Blog posts are a type of written content that sparks interest among prospective and existing clients. These posts are meant to entertain your target audience with interesting information they find valuable, to educate them about pressing financial issues they face, and to inform them of how your accounting firm can address those issues.

Although blogs contribute to better SEO results, content marketers don’t focus solely on getting the approval of search algorithms. Our content marketers differentiate them from landing pages that convince potential customers to book your services. Our accounting and finance blog services are meant to build a solid relationship between you and your audience. By keeping them engaged, we bring them closer to you.

Moreover, if you have a blog page that consistently posts engaging and informative content about accounting, more prospects will feel compelled to revisit your website to check out your new entries.

How Does Blogging Affect Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Frequent blogging is integral to your digital marketing strategy, whether you’re a small accounting firm or a multinational financial investment house.

Blogging via content marketing delivers results your accounting firm:


How many articles does a content marketing campaign produce?

It depends on what our team and your firm have agreed upon, but you can be sure that they will be spaced evenly and published at an optimum time.

What topics will the articles explore?

The topics revolve around the concerns of your target market. Essentially, every campaign would yield a different set of topics.

How long should we invest in content marketing?

Ideally, content marketing should be part of your yearly marketing budget, as it continually attracts new prospects and strengthens relationships with existing customers. Get in touch today and we’ll explore your options.

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